Herzlich Willkommen beim Skript-Doktor!

The doctor is in, welcome!

This is where you get help with the creation and re-editing of your dramatic work. You may also want to check out the free advice and the various articles in my blog. I offer my advice first and foremost to professionals in the following areas:

  • Feature film scriptwriters

  • TV series scriptwriters

  • Radio drama (audio) writers

  • Producers of the above

If a story has an ailment …

… it may be a good idea to let it go see a doctor. While this may sound like a logical conclusion, the success of a step like that depends on one’s ability to recognize the symptoms of an “ailment” like that. Here is where you may find answers to questions like:

  • How do I recognize that a script consultant can help me with my problem?

  • What will a script doctor do with my script?

  • What are the benefits of hiring a script consultant?

  • If I hire one, does that mean I am not a capable writer?

  • How can I best get in touch with you?

This is a case for the Doctor!


The symptoms for a “struggling” story are multifold. Here are some of which I’ve encountered in recent years:

There’s no progress. You have just erased a new scene for the third time: “This really does not fit.” Or “This entire script does not make any sense!”

Situations like that are not unusual. Especially during the initial writing stages. Before you give up on it, consider getting help from outside.

You could have sworn this is it: the way you have put this idea together is brilliant, original and entertaining. And no one had thought of this before, anyway. So why does lightning not strike? Where is the spark? A case for the Doctor.

Having written 90 pages working towards a climax that does not happen. The tension between the leads is nowhere near as electric as planned. Noithing is adding up. And there you are, toying with the idea of abandoning the project altogether.

Stop! You may get help here.

You have written a script about women’s lib in Africa and everybody says it is a film glorifying colonialism? Well, there are things to be said about writing for your targeted audience. I can show you ways to approach this without having to start from scratch.

Whether your story has a bit of common cold or a serious viral infection will be apparent soon once we get going! I have a bit of medicine in store for either problem. Promise!


Treatment for an “ailment” is as variable as the possible roots for it. Nevertheless there are rather common causes and avenues of approach.

I will start by analyzing the structure of the plot alongside the main characters and their relations. My first recommendations are always personal: how I would solve this, were it my project. Often the problem has its roots many pages before it becomes visible in the script and structure. Sometimes the first pages of expositioon may lead your audience into the proverbial cul-de-sac. If this happens, it would be pointless to doctor the dialogues of the final 50 pages.


What can you expect?

  • Overcoming writer’s block

  • New ideas for the problematic spots of your script

  • Inspiration for new character traits of your leads

  • Renewed confidence in your pitching and in script conferences

“My script is beyond saving. Or is it?”

An ailing story does not mean that everything is lost. While this may sound like a cliché, it is true that sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks, and you are back on track. Then again, sometimes it is worth walking the extra mile to get a major overhaul done because things you had thought were essential are not.

“Maybe I’m not that good a writer after all?”

Don’t think that accepting help from another writer or a script doctor is a disqualifier. Reading a list of all the Oscar winners who would have gone nowhere without their secret helper, that should put your worries to rest.

Even George Lucas’ Original Star Wars had — let’s put this diplomatically – some room to improve.

About this script doctor

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